About me

Isabel Moreno Consultora Macrobiótica

My name is Isabel Moreno and I live in three wonderful places:

My home, in the quiet mountains of Araotz in Oñati, where I run  Macrosano, a space for macrobiotic, cooking and healthy eating. 

Altea, a small village on the coast of Alicante, where the blue sea comes through the window without asking for permission. I stay in this wonderful village  when I collaborate with Sha Wellness Clinic.

And Prague, a beautiful city, where silence also finds its space. A place, where I have moved to start new projects on macrobiotic training.

Macrobiotics for me is a way of living and one of my passions, I found in this practise the health and balance that allows me to enjoy life fully and consciously.

I took my diploma as a macrobiotic consultant at the macrobiotic Institute of Spain, and I specialized in diagnosis at the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. I have also studied at schools in France and England and at the Kushi Institute of Europe in Amsterdam.

Training in different countries has allowed me to get a broader view of the food adapted to the environment, and has enriched my knowledge of rhythms and patterns, helping me create harmony in my dishes.

I have worked with restaurants and macrobiotic centers in England, Portugal and Spain.

And I have worked as a macrobiotic consultant at the Health and Wellness Clinic Sha Wellness Clinic.

Yoga is also part of my life and passion, I find in the practice the inner peace that I need to continue growing and to help others grow too.

I started with the practice of Yoga and meditation over 20 years ago. I took my studies in meditation at Brahma Kumaris World and at the Sanatana Dharma School. I later trained as a Hatha Yoga Teacher at the same school, activity that I have also been dedicated to over the past  15 years.

I got interested in Yin Yoga because of the similarities to the macrobiotic approach to the 5 elements theory. After obteining my degree I have been running courses in Yin Yoga and Food in many yoga studios.

My interest in alternative therapies and improving health through holistic practices, encouraged me to get training in reflexology, unified massage and thai massage. I have also received training in shiatsu massage and bioenergetic analysis.

I did my studies on craniosacral therapy at the Institute for the Study of Polarity of Lleida.

During my professional life I have learnt to incorporate in the healing process of my clients a set of techniques and treatments that work together, in the same direction, to achieve a more rapid improvement, giving the patienst the tools to play an active role in their healing process.

Services I offer:

Food Training:

  • I currently lead different types of courses on healthy and macrobiotic eating.
  • The anual courses, monographs and workshops are mainly held at the rest house Macrosano.
  • We offer private cooking classes for people interested in learning recipes and cooking for their specific needs.
  • We teach chefs how to start incorporating macrobiotic principles in their dishes.
  • “In home cooking classes”: I travel overseas to teach intensive courses on healthy food and healthy cooking in private homes and health centers.
  • We give lectures on diet and healthy lifestyle.


  • In addition to my private practice, I collaborate as a consultant in the Health and Wellness Clinic Sha Wellness Clinic.


  • I design customized menus and I advise individuals and groups: schools, rest houses, etc.. interested in improving the quality of their meals.
  • I work with restaurants to design new menus that incorporate vegan options for their clients.

Yoga and meditation:

  • I teach yoga regulary.
  • I run specific courses on Yin Yoga, Food and Emotions for other Yoga Studios.
  • I guide my clients in the process of healing in several ways: at physical level by learning new eating habits and putting them into practice, and at an emotional and spiritual level by teaching them simple relaxation techniques and mental control.


Isabel Moreno

e-mail: isabel@macrosano.com

Telf: 00 34 658 71 90 89