Annual macrobiotic cooking courses

Formación macrobiótica

Our annual courses on macrobiotics and healthy eating are held at Macrosano Macrobiotics and Health Cooking School in Oñati, Spain.

They are organized in 3 levels.

 Common Features:

  • Length: 8-9 months (October to May)
  • Frequency: 1 Saturday per month
  • Timetable: morning or afternoon
  • Small groups


Course Structure:

The annual courses aim to give students the knowledge necessary to understand the importance of a balanced diet and a balanced way of living.

Our daily habits: the time of our meals, exercise, adequate rest, and what we think, all form an important part of our wellbeing. But what we eat is also fundamental to our health.

We are what we eat. Our body builds up from the food we take daily, so it is essential that the quality and amount of what we eat is the correct one.

Besides learning about nutrients, most adequate combinations of food or real nutritional needs, it is also very interesting to understand why our food has such an important effect on our body’s levels of energy and to know  how we can alter the effect of food on us by  using the correct cooking technique.

 Optimized-haciendo tarta

As we know that “An ounce of practice is worth more than a kilo of theory” all participants will have the opportunity to cook several recipes and will be able to taste all the recipes prepared by other students too.


How are the sessions organized?

  1. We begin with a lecture where students receive information and documentation on the topic.
  2. Then we go to the kitchen where, in pairs, students prepare recipes that will give them practice of what they have learnt during the first part of the seminar. All students have the opportunity to cook and prepare various recipes.
  3. We finish tasting the recipes prepared and solving doubts regarding the preparation thereof.


Participants receive a folder with information about the lecture and recipes.

Some sessions include recipes for home remedies and information leaflets on recommended products for healthier eating.

In some seminars we offer tastings on new organic products.

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