Basic shiatsu

masaje shiatsu

In this workshop you will learn the basic shiatsu routine. With this basic routine you will be able to use shiatsu massage for personal use.

Shiatsu massage is a manual therapy which aims to stimulate certain parts of the body by using the pressure of fingers and palms.

The Qi or energy flows along meridians in our body. When the energy flows freely through these channels we feel well.

However, when this doesn’t happen, we can experience fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, pain, etc.

Giving a shiatsu massage along the different meridians will help balance the flow of energy, improving our health and wellbeing.

The gradual pressure of your fingers and palms gets inside the body, helping resolve muscle and nerve problems.

The shiatsu massage does not only improve our health but it is also a really relaxing massage.

Some benefits of shiatsu:

 Improves venous and lymphatic circulation.

 Postural correction without manipulation.

 Harmonizes the nervous system.

 Controls common ailments.

 Relaxes deeply.

Learning the basic shiatsu routine will allow you to have a simple and really practical tool to improve health and restore wellness.


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