Auto masaje Do-in

Do-in is a therapeutic technique that you can practice daily to improve your health easily.

Based on acupressure, this ancient technique uses the pressure of fingers and palms to give micro massages in different areas of our body, especially along the meridians.

Energy flows through our bodies constantly. Through the simple practice of Do-in we can help revive the flow and remove blockages.

The continued practice helps reduce common disorders such as digestive or circulatory problems, stress, insomnia and many others.

It also improves back and joints pain, helping us to be more agile and flexible.

In addition, this simple discipline allows us to connect with ourselves, improving our emotional and mental wellbeing.

The practice, which is based on a series of exercises that anyone can perform comfortably, will not take you more than 15 minutes a day. And the results will start to show in a few weeks.

Sessions can be done in the morning, helping to enhance your energy level, or at night, in this case  it will help you enjoy a good night sleep.

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