In home classes

in home cooking classes

We know that sometimes it’s not easy to attend cooking classes. We are sure that you are interested in your health, but your schedule may not allow you to have the time you need to learn more about food, or perhaps travelling is complicated for you.

If you can not find courses in food and macrobiotic cooking to suit your needs in your country, do not worry. With our in home cooking classes, you will enjoy learning about food and health in the comfort of your home.

No need to travel, we go to your house to provide intensive training on healthy eating and cooking classes.

Training, theoretical and practical, will be adapted to your needs and knowledge of the subject.

You can choose from the wide range of topics that we offer.

Home courses are completely flexible, tailored to your needs, you can select the themes and recipes that interest you most.

We will prepare a training plan tailored to bring out the most benefit in the shortest time.

We will teach you, your chef, or both!

The training and the recipes used will be adapted to the climate in your country and your traditions, so cooking will be easy and enjoyable in the future.

The courses are reinforced with follow ups via skype.

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