The ideal weight

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You have probably worried about your weight sometime in your life. And you have probably tried a variety of diets. Sometimes, it is no easy to get and maintain your ideal weight.

Many diets are based mainly on the calorie intake, causing you to have cravings and producing energy unbalances that make it easier to quickly gain weight back.

In this course you will learn to understand your constitution and the type of food that suits you best.

You will understand why you crave for certain type of food an how to reduce  cravings.

We will teach you to define your own plan to achieve your ideal weight.

And most important, you will learn how to eat healthy and balanced and you will see the results in no time.

During the seminars we will examine thoroughly:


1.- The dynamics of  weight:

2.- Our constitution and  our weight: yin and yang…

3.- Our physical condition and our weight : characteristics and needs…

4.- The effect of food and types of obesity.

5.- When and how to start with a weight loss diet.

6.- Designing a healthy diet to balance your weight.


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