Macrobiotics in Prague


Macrobiotics is the art of living in harmony with the natural order of nature, maintaining physical health and vitality, and developing a calm and clear mind.

Learning what food is best for you, and how to cook it, empowers you to become a healthier person and to have a better control of your emotions and your life.

Everybody can benefit from eating a balanced diet, from children to elderly, and you will soon notice the benefits of it. You will have more energy and feel more focus.

Medical studies have shown that a macrobiotic diet is beneficial to improve your health and reduce problems such as water retention, constipation, allergies, sinusitis, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about how to follow a macrobiotic practice, your can have a personalised consultation, book a private cooking class or attend our cooking courses and lectures…





Do you want to

  • Balance your weight
  • Feel more energy

Do you want to know:

  • What is the best food for you
  • How to obtain all the nutrients that you need
  • How to cook the healthiest way

Do you have problems with:

  • Cholesterol, blood pressure, water retention…
  • Headaches, menstrual pains…
  • Diabetes, fibromyalgia,

Keeping a healthy diet can help you improve rapidly and increase your levels of energy. At the consultation:

  • You will get advice on how to start new healthy eating habits based on your physical needs and daily activity.
  • I will give you detailed information about healthy food and recipes.

Consultations are held at Prague 2. Contact details here.

Find out more about what you will get in a personalized consultation here.




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Private personalized cooking classes

Group cooking classes

Macrobiotic and healthy nutrition training

Lectures on macrobiotic and healthy habits

Menu planning

Shopping advice

Cooking classes are normally held at Prague 2, but you can also enjoy them at the privacy of your home. Contact details here.

Find out more about In home cooking classes here.

For detailed information about all you can learn go here. You can choose the topics that best suit you. Classes are personalized and tailored to your needs.