Meditation for Pregnancy

meditación para el embarazo

Meditation is a technique that brings great benefits to people who practice it.

At a physical level many studies show it improves coordination between neurons. This is very important when you consider that there is a clear relationship between neurons and our emotions.

On an emotional level, the daily practice of meditation will, among others, improve states of depression, anxiety or stress, very common during pregnancy and postpartum.

During pregnancy it is very important to free yourself from stress and negative emotions, this will help the baby grow up feeling secure.

After delivery meditation will help generate adequate energy for peaceful breastfeeding.

Creating moments of peace and relaxation will facilitate the connection to the new being that is growing inside you and will help to stabilize your emotions.

Meditation during pregnancy has many benefits :

  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Regulates your breathing and heart rate.
  • It helps to overcome fears.
  • Facilitates sleep and rest.
  • Will help you prepare for the challenge of delivery.
  • Helps improve breastfeeding

During this workshop, you will learn simple meditation techniques that will help you enjoy a happier and more conscious pregnancy.

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