Menu design

Diseño de menús

We advise and design menus for individuals and groups interested in improving the quality of their food.

You will get a clear and practical guide to take the first steps in the practice of healthy nutrition.

These services are offered to:

Schools and rest houses:

• We design the menus based on the needs of the group. Weekly varied menus are created according to seasons.

Advice on the preparation of new recipes and the use of new ingredients is also offered.

We monitor weekly for the first month to resolve any doubts that may arise in the learning process.


• We suggest and design menus that incorporate vegan options.

• We adapt existing recipes to healthier versions equally attractive.

Personal menu planning:

• After your health consultation, if you wish, we can design a weekly menu for you. 

• The weekly menu will be tailored to your specific needs.

• It will help you start with your new cooking practise.

• It will also help you gain confidence to start creating your own menus.

• The menu will be design taking into consideration the season, the area where you live and your traditions.