Formación macrobiótica

Intensive courses on macrobiotic and healthy eating.


Our space for macrobiotic cooking and healthy eating is located in the mountains of Oñati, in Spain. But we like travelling, so if you find our program interesting you can enjoy learning about healthy eating and cooking in the comfort of your home.

We move to any country to give lectures and intensive courses on macrobiotic cooking and healthy nutrition.


What is the frequency and duration of the courses?

The courses are usually intensive.

The schedule can be morning or afternoon and the sessions last about 4 hours, this will depend on translation needs.

You can decide the length of the course. We can design courses from 6 days to 3 weeks depending on your needs.


What are the objectives?

Intensive courses are aimed to give you the knowledge to understand the importance of a balanced diet and a balance way of living.

Our daily habits: eating times, exercise, rest, and what we think, form an important part for our well being. But what we eat is basic for our health.


    • We build our body with what we eat daily, so it is essential that the quality and amount of food that we eat is the correct one.
    • In addition to learning about nutrients, food combinations, nutritional needs, etc. .You will learn about  the energetic effect of food in your body and what foods are more adequate for each season and why.

Comida sana

 Cooking styles :

    • Alchemy in the kitchen can alter the energetic quality of the food. Knowing the effect of each cooking style gives you a very valuable tool to prepare the most appropriate food for you and your family at all times.


What are the topics?

The courses are designed to suit your needs. You can choose from the wide range of topics that we offer to meet your particular interests.

You can choose topics from the 1st or 2nd level, or directly a monograph that is especially interesting for you.

Level 1:

It is always convenient to choose the entire first level, as this will give you the base to understand the nutritional needs of your body and will help you create healthy and balanced menus. See program.

Level 2:

With the topics of the second level you will learn to cook and eat according to seasons. You will also learn how to tonify and stimulate your organs with food, how to use the differente tastes in your cooking and much more. See program.


We have prepared monographs on specific topics which will help you solve common problems related to health: the ideal weight, stress, menopause, home remedies, … See program.


Where are the courses held?

You have several options:

• We can organize them at your house.

• If several people are interested, training could be done in groups, in the house of  any of the participants or in a space conditioned for the event.

• If you want to learn and enjoy the sun, we can organize it on the Mediterranean coast, where we have adequate space for it.

Cursos Macrobiótica mediterráneo


How are the sessions organized?

1. The day begins with a lecture on the topic. Students receive information and documentation on the subject .


2. Then we move to the kitchen where participants prepare recipes and put into practice what they have learnt during the first part of the seminar. All students have the opportunity to cook and prepare several recipes

3. If you don’t fancy cooking, we can organize a “show cooking” class:

• In the “show cooking”, Isabel prepares the dishes while explaining the processes of the recipes, the benefits of food being used, the characteristics of the cooking methods, etc.

• Students relax, observe and absorb all the information.

Isabel Cocinando

4. We finish the session tasting the dishes prepared and solving doubts regarding the preparation thereof.