Yoga for pregnancy

yoga en el embarazo

Yoga brings great benefits to those who practice it, and of course, there are many benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy.

Good breathing is essential for health. Breathing conciously and deeply will help the lungs to oxygenate our bodies, eliminating acids and helping to maintain adequate levels of alkalinity.

In addition, control of breathing is a very practical and accessible technique to help us control our emotions. In this workshop you will learn to breathe properly, helping in the management of contractions during labor.

Strengthening the muscles in specific areas of our body is essential to maintain proper posture during pregnancy.

The daily practice of simple asanas (postures) will help to keep your muscles strong, especially the hips, very important during labor.

Proper practice will help prevent lower back pain caused by the growing baby.

The asanas or postures are not necessarily complicated, do not worry, what is important is to learn to keep them for as long as you feel confortable, that way you will strengthen your body gently. Strengthening the pelvic musculature, for example, is vital to prevent urinary incontinence.

During the sessions of yoga you also learn to relax. With practice you will be able to feel the different parts of your body and invite them to release tension, to loosen and let go.

In addition, regular yoga practice will help you to improve your mood. During pregnancy there will be many hormonal changes that can make you feel a bit funny. Gradually, you will see you have more control of your emotions, thus reducing the risk of suffering from depression.

If you’re interested, you can also participate in the workshop on Meditation for pregnancy.

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