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Macrobiotics is a way of life that guides one´s choices in nutrition, activity and lifestyle. A system of ancient principles and practices of harmony to do promote a healthy body, mind and eco-system. Literal meaning (Ancient Greek), Macro (large or long), Bios (life) and Teco (technique, art, science of, study of).


We organize several courses on macrobiotics and healthy nutrition. Read more.

In-home cooking classes
in-home cooking classes

Learn how to cook and eat healthily in the comfort of your home. Tailored courses to suit your needs. Read more

We cook for you
chef macrobiótico

Macrobiotic chef service whenever you need us. Read more

Consultas macrobióticas

The basic consultation will help you make it easier to step towards a healthier lifestyle. Now also in Skype. Read more

Menu Desing

Diseño de menús

We advise and design menus for individuals and groups... Read more


Croquetas de arroz y tempeh1

Recipes, home remedies, information abour food and a healthy life style... Read more

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