Azuki bean spread

Winter is the time for beans. I guess you already prepare delicious stews and vitality dishes… If you fancy eating your beans in a different way… how about trying a healthy spread prepared with azukis and vegetables? This spread is easy to cook and will make a perfect snack. You can use it as a …

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Spicy red beans

If you like Mexican food … you’ll love these beans. A rich and nourishing stew with a slight spicy touch…  that will make you feel deliciously good. You can cook the beans at home as usual, or use a jar of good quality already cooked beans to make an extra quick dish. Combine it with …

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Cooking beans

More and more often I hear patients say that practically do not use beans in their diet. And, it’s not because they don’t like them, quite the opposite, the main reason is that they don’t know how to cook them or they just don’t have the time. Beans are automatically associated with elaborate and nutritious …

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