Advice to companies and individuals

Hotels and Spas

Design of health programs and menus

We advise hotels and spas in the design of presonalized health programs, which offer their clients, a menu of healthy and balanced dishes, vegan or macrobiotics, and a series of services aimed at achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy menu design

We advise on the design of macrobiotic menus

We advise and design macrobiotic menus for schools, residences, restaurants and individuals interested in improving the quality of their diet.
Those interested will have a clear and practical guide to begin taking the fist steps in the practice of healthier nutrition.

These services are offered to:


Based on the needs of the group, a variety of weekly and seasonal menus are designed.
Advice is offered in the preparation of the new recipes and in the use of the new ingredients.
Weekly follow-up is carried out during the first month to resolve any doubts that may arise in the adaptation process.

We advise and design letters that incorporate vegan options for your clients.
We adapt current recipes to healthier and equally attractive versions.


After the health consultation, if you wish we can design a weekly menu for you.
The weekly menu will adapt to your specific needs.
It will facilitate the beginning, without having to stop to think what to prepare each day.
It will help you gain confidence and ease to go slowly creating the menus that you like the most.
When designing the menu we will consider the station, the area where you live, your surroundings and traditions.

Macrobiotic Chef

We cook for you

Chef macrobiotico

Our macrobiotic chef service can be very useful if:

  • You need a cook for a short period of time.
  • You are on vacation and you need a chef to cook healthy food wherever you are.
  • You want your chef or cooking team to learn about healthy and macrobiotic cooking.
  • You need special care with your diet during:
    • Recovery of some disease
    • Weight loss program

We travel to any destination.
The minimum term for this service is 1 week.

We write for you

Content development for magazines and blogs

We are in charge of writing articles about healthy eating, nutrition, macrobiotics and energy cooking for blogs of companies that are experts in the marketing of quality organic products and health services.

We create recipes for blogs specialized in vegan and macrobiotic food.

If you want us to collaborate on your page, contact us.

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