Our macrobiotic training courses are eminently practical.
Because cooking is learned by cooking

You are the protagonist, you prepare the recipes and learn from the practice.

We organize different types of courses:

With a monthly periodicity, it will not load your agenda and will allow you to have a time between session and session to practice at home.

Of different types: theoretical, practical or demonstrative.
With a variety of topics: the ideal weight, menopause…

Our courses are designed so you can start using everything you learn as soon as you get home.

You will receive recipes of all the dishes that are prepared and how you have already tried them, you will know exactly what you want to get when you start practicing.

They also include a part of theory, so that you know how to prepare a balanced nutritional and energy dish, the theory will help you create new dishes, with the assurance that you will contribute with them, everything you need.

cursos de cocina saludable


The annual courses of healthy eating and macrobiotics are taught in the macrosano macrobiotic space in Oñati (Gipuzkoa) and are organized in 3 levels.

Common characteristics at 3 levels:

  • Duration: 8 to 9 months (October to May)
  • Frequency: 1 Saturday per month
  • Hours: morning or afternoon
  • Small groups


The annual courses aim to provide attendees with the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of a balanced way of eating and living.

Our daily habits: the schedules of our meals, physical exercise, adequate rest, as well as what we think, form an important part of our well-being. But what we eat is also essential for our health.

Through our food we rebuild our body day by day, so it is essential that the quality and quantity of it is adequate.

In addition to learning about nutrients, food combination, nutritional needs, etc. We will understand why our diet has an important energy effect on our body and we will know the effects that different forms of energy expression have on us.

As we know that “A gram of practice is worth more than a kilo of theory” all participants will have the opportunity to cook several recipes and also taste those prepared by their partners.

How are the sessions organized?

  1.  We begin with a theoretical session where students receive information and documentation on the subject to be treated.
  2. Then we go to the kitchen where, in pairs, students prepare the recipes that provide them with the practice of what they learned during the first part of the seminar. All students have the opportunity to cook and prepare various recipes.
  3. We end up tasting the prepared recipes and resolving doubts about their preparation.

Participants receive a folder with documentation on the theory and recipes prepared by all participants.

Some sessions include recipes for home remedies and information leaflets on products recommended for healthier eating.

In some seminars tastings of novelties of ecological and integral products will be carried out.


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Ki 9 stars
World Flavors
Yin Yoga
Level 1


At the first level of our cooking and macrobiotic feeding course, students learn the basis for proper nutrition through the study of nutrients.

You will learn what our real needs are, how to get the nutrients you need from healthy foods and how to cook those foods so that they retain their full nutritional value.

You will begin to understand the effect Energetic food, the importance of cutting vegetables and how to play with different types of cooking to create the effect you need at all times.

In the different seminars of this level we will go deeper into:

  1. Healthy eating habits
  2. Proteins: needs, functions, sources ...
  3. Carbohydrates: needs, functions, sources ...
  4. Calcium: needs, plant sources, improving its absorption ...
  5. Vitamins: types, needs, sources ...
  6. Minerals: types, needs, algae ...
  7. Fats and oils: healthy sources ...
  8. Acid-alkaline balance: causes and effects of acidosis, alkalizing ...
  9. Breakfasts and snacks: Order in meals, healthy options ...
Level 2


During this course we will deepen the study of yin and yang, learning to identify the energy of our organs, and the food we use in the kitchen.

You will learn to feed according to the seasons, studying the energy present in each season and learning to identify the most suitable foods and types of preparations for each moment of the year.

You will know which are the organs associated with each season and how to tone, purify and activate them to through food.

A practical workshop for the application of ginger compresses is carried out and you learn how to do do-in self-massage and body scrubs, simple and practical tools to help you improve and maintain your health .

Throughout this level we will go deeper into:

  1. Yin and yang: in nature, human structure, food ...
  2. The 5 transformations: generation and control cycle ...
  3. Winter - Water Element: associated organs, food, flavors, cooking ...
  4. Spring - Wood Element: associated organs, food, flavors, cooking ...
  5. Summer - Fire Element: associated organs, food, flavors, cooking ...
  6. Late summer - Earth Element: associated organs, food, flavors, cooking ...
  7. Autumn - Metal Element: associated organs, food, flavors, cooking ...
  8. Body scrubs, do-in, ginger compress application…
Level 3

Advanced course of macrobiotic cooking and healthy eating in which we will deepen in the causes of the disease and in the home remedies that we can prepare to prevent and improve quickly the adjustment diseases.

We will make monographs on current problems such as stress, ideal weight or menopause.


We will prepare more elaborate recipes adapted to the agenda of each seminar.


  1. Human diseases: the 7 conditions for health and disease, the 7 stages of change ...
  2. Stress: consequences, types, remedies ...
  3. Women and their health: the energy of each cycle and the most adequate food ...
  4. Menopause: hormonal and physical changes, food, supplements ...
  5. Natural weight: types of obesity, designing a proper diet ...
  6. Food for the athlete: before, during and after exercise ...
  7. Home remedies I
Level 4


Our fourth level macrobiotic cooking courses are designed for all of you who have already completed the previous 3 levels and are still interested in continuing with the training; This year, we have prepared a series of monographs so you can continue learning and enjoying, while taking care of yourself, inside and out:


  1. Emotions and food: understanding and solving cravings ..
  2. Alkalizing drinks: the importance of enzymes ...
  3. Beauty and food: nourishment and remedies for all skin types ...
  4. Insomnia and food: causes, types, remedies ...
  5. Digitoppression: most useful points for common discomforts ...
  6. Home remedies II
Ki 9 stars

The KI of the 9 stars is a system that helps us to know what is the essential personality of the person, what is their tendency at the level of behavior and their basic emotional system.


The basic energy of people can be classified into 9 trends; which, in turn, are grouped into 5 elements, our already known element water, wood, fire, earth and metal; each of them with very specific characteristics.


Knowing our number and its energy and personality characteristics, we can better understand how we work and why; and nurture the energy we see is in imbalance.

We can learn about our relationships and understand why some flow while others tend to be more difficult.


Through the Ki of the 9 stars we will learn to know what is the energy that governs the month or year we are in and understand the trends that will occur in those periods.


Throughout this course we will go deeper into:


  1. Introduction to the KI of the 9 stars. Calculation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd number.
  2. Understanding the energy pattern of each period or house.
  3. Characteristics of number 1. Water element.
  4. Characteristics of numbers 3 and 4. Wood element.
  5. Characteristics of the number 9. Fire Element.
  6. Characteristics of numbers 2, 5 and 8. Earth element.
  7. Characteristics of numbers 6 and 7. Metal Element.
  8. Relationships between number. Circle of support and control.
World Flavors


Do you enjoy trying new recipes from different countries?

Are you attracted to the flavors and aromas of other cultures?

Do you want to know vegetarian recipes full of color?

Throughout this course you will learn to cook recipes of the world, with products and flavors from other cultures adapted for you….

Without dairy products or refined sugars, with whole and organic foods.

Balanced with love for you to enjoy.

For your kitchen…. In addition to healthy ... be also multi cultural!

Throughout the different seminars you will prepare:


  1. Oriental delicacies from Japan.
  2. Soft and spicy recipes of Indian cuisine.
  3. The healthiest options of Chinese food.
  4. Herbs, spices, oils, citrus ... aromas from the Middle East .
  5. Flavors of the African Mediterranean coast, flavors of Morocco.
  6. Soft spicy, sour limes, knows the colorful Mexican cuisine.
  7. Thailand: a mixture of flavors, sweet, salty, spicy, sour ...
Yin Yoga


We will begin each seminar with a brief theoretical introduction to the physical, energetic, emotional and mental functions of the organs to be treated.

We will learn the tour of your meridians through our body and the most important and practical associated pressure digits .

Next we will do a practical session of asanas to tone the specific organs of each seminar.

Finally we will cook recipes that help stimulate and improve the health of the organs in question.


1.- Yin yoga for kidney and bladder:

  • Tour of the meridians
  • Review of the most important pressure digit points
  • Physical and energy functions of organs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine MTC
  • Review emotional and mental qualities of kidney and bladder
  • Asanas yin to stimulate the associated organs
  • Asanas yang to balance


2.- Yin yoga for liver and gallbladder:

  • Tour of the meridians
  • Review of the most important pressure digit points
  • Physical and energetic functions of the organs according to the MTC
  • Review emotional and mental qualities of liver and gallbladder
  • Asanas yin to stimulate the associated organs
  • Asanas yang to balance


3.- Yin yoga for stomach and spleen:

  • Tour of the meridians
  • Review of the most important pressure digit points
  • Physical and energetic functions of the organs according to the MTC
  • Review emotional and mental qualities of stomach and spleen
  • Asanas yin to stimulate the associated organs
  • Asanas yang to balance


4.- Yin yoga for lungs and large intestine:

  • Tour of the meridians
  • Review of the most important pressure digit points
  • Physical and energetic functions of the organs according to the MTC
  • Review emotional and mental qualities of the associated organs
  • Asanas yin to stimulate the associated organs
  • Asanas yang to balance


5.- Yin yoga for heart and small intestine:

  • Tour of the meridians
  • Review of the most important pressure digit points
  • Physical and energetic functions of the organs according to the MTC
  • Review emotional and mental qualities of the associated organs
  • Asanas yin to stimulate the associated organs
  • Asanas yang to balance


Type of course: Theoretical - Practical


In Macrosano we understand that sometimes it is not easy to find time to devote a few hours to health training.

On weekends it is usually time to enjoy family life and moving one morning can be complicated.

Therefore, we have prepared short courses in macrobiotic cooking. In them, we basically divide the formation.

Instead of attending full courses in which you receive a theoretical basis and then put “hands in the dough” with the preparation of recipes in the kitchen, you can decide what interests you most:

  • Learn from theory and experiment at your own pace.
  • Cook and learn new and tasty recipes.
  • Or relax and observe how balanced dishes and desserts are made.

The short courses are flexible in terms of space. They are taught in other locations, adapting them to the space where they are made and the frequency and times that best suit the participants.

If you are interested, you can ask us to organize a course in your area. We will take care of finding the right place and making the necessary publicity to form the group.

The short courses have 3 modalities


  • In them the participant attends a presentation on the theme of the seminar and receives specific information about it.
  • The duration is usually 1.5 to 2 hours per session.
  • The number of sessions varies depending on the topic: from 1 to 6.
  • The usual frequency is usually 1 session per week. But it is totally flexible, we adapt to the group.
  • Documentation is given to each participant.
  • There is an option to combine these theoretical sessions with specific cooking classes.
  • Some topics: Feeding for pregnancy, stress, women’s health, ideal weight, menopause, home remedies.


  • Show-cooking or demonstrative cooking courses: in them, Isabel prepares the dishes while explaining the processes of preparing the recipes, the benefits of the food being used, the characteristics of the cooking methods, etc.
  • Students relax, observe and absorb all the information.
  • At the end of the session, the prepared food is tasted.
  • Documentation is delivered with the prepared recipes.


  • They are monographs of practical cooking of 2 hours with the preparation of the recipes by the participants.
  • You will work as a couple and so you can prepare more recipes.
  • At the end of the session, there will be a tasting of everything prepared.
  • We will deliver the recipes prepared by all participants.
  • Some topics: healthy desserts, sugar-free pastries, snacks and snacks,…

Brief Courses

These are some of our courses

The ideal weight
Women and health
Managing stress
Home remedies
The ideal weight


Surely you've ever worried about your weight. And you have probably done the odd diet. Sometimes, it is usually not easy to get and maintain your ideal weight.

Many diets are based exclusively on low calorie intake creating energy imbalances and cravings that make it easy for you to quickly regain weight.

In the course on the ideal weight you will learn to understand your constitution and the type of food that suits you best.

You will understand the reason for cravings and how to reduce them.

We will teach you to define your own plan to achieve your ideal weight.

And most importantly, you will learn to feed yourself in a healthy and balanced way and you will see the results in no time.

During the seminars we will go deeper into:

1.- The dynamics of excess weight

2.- Our constitution and weight: characteristics and needs.

3.- Our condition and weight: characteristics and needs.

4.- Effect of food on the type of overweight

5.- Types of obesity: where it accumulates and why

6.- When, how and what organs to treat

7.- Designing a proper diet to lose or gain weight.

Women and health


The nature of women, wise and often unknown, is easily altered when our diet is chaotic and unbalanced.


Understanding the latent energy in each period of our menstrual cycle will help you choose the foods that will help your body adapt to the changes that occur in it.


Fortunately, most female disorders are easily corrected with adequate nutrition.


Learning to eat well, make simple home remedies and practice certain exercises, will be tools that you can use throughout your life to prevent hormonal imbalances and connect with your true essence.


In the different seminars we will deepen in:

1.- The menstrual cycle: energy, food, hormonal changes ...

2.- Female reproductive system disorders and solutions

3.- Treatments: food, medicinal drinks, home remedies, asanas, acupressure ...



Menopause is a natural process in the lives of women. Its raison d'être is, curiously, to slow down the aging process, but most women do not feel it that way.


This period, lived with awareness and with a balanced diet and exercise, can be a very enriching process for women.


Most of the symptoms associated with menopause are greatly improved with an adequate diet.

In fact, if our eating habits have been correct throughout our lives, we will reach menopause and live this process without discomfort.

During this seminar you will learn about:


1.- Causes and symptoms of early menopause.

2.- Perimenopause: symptoms, remedies ...

3.- Menopause: hormonal changes ...

4.- How to prevent the associated health problems ...

5.- Foods for menopause.

6.- Dietary supplements.



Managing stress


Stress is today one of the main problems of our society. Most of us associate it with an excessively active type of life, an excessively fast pace or overwork. Our work and family load leaves us, sometimes, little time to relax.


However, there are other factors that also influence increasing our stress levels.


If you cannot reduce your workload, nor your pace of life, surely this course will help you modify behaviors and habits that will easily and effectively reduce your stress levels.


1.- Understanding stress: mechanisms, phases, symptoms ...

2.- Causes: physical, emotional, environmental ...

3.- Managing stress: practical and simple techniques ...

4.- Anti stress diet: know the foods that help you the most…


Home remedies


Home remedies are simple preparations that can be easily prepared at home and do not need special ingredients.

Very often these preparations are sufficient to reduce the mild symptoms of common diseases, thus avoiding the use of medication.

Understanding the origin and cause of the symptoms will allow you to decide which is the most appropriate remedy at all times, and you will better understand how to prepare it.


Home remedies I:

  • Lung problems: Fever, colds, flu, cough, sinusitis, sore throat ...
  • Intestinal problems: Diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids.
  • Moxa and basic applications.

Home remedies II:

  • Tiredness and lack of vitality.
  • Headache: Types and solutions.
  • Earache.
  • Toothache.
  • Ulcers on the lips
  • Eye problems
  • Skin problems
  • Nosebleed.
  • Insomnia and anxiety.
  • Urinary tract infections


Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep?


There are many causes that can alter your sleep: exhaustion, excessive physical activity, worries, environment, schedule ...


Knowing them will help you understand how to solve your problem and will allow you to learn simple techniques to improve it.


Once again, food plays an important role in your rest.


In this workshop you will learn:


  • Understanding insomnia and its variants.
  • To create the right environment for a good rest.
  • The most convenient routine before going to bed.
  • The most suitable foods to sleep well, depending on the type of alteration.
  • The acupressure points to promote sleep.
  • Home remedies to help you sleep.

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