Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Macrobiotic cooking classes … so you learn what you really need!

Do you want to learn to cook?

If you do not have time to join our training courses on healthy eating and macrobiotic cooking, do not worry, we have created different options so you do not miss learning, what interests you most!

In addition to the annual training courses and monographs designed for group learning, we also offer you the opportunity to adapt the training to your individual needs

You can do it by coming to our center the day and time that we grant in advance and enjoy a totally personalized class in which we will prepare dishes adapted to your particular needs.

If you prefer, we can move to your home, and learn about cooking, health and wellness in the comfort of your home.

Private Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

With our private macrobiotic cooking classes you won’t have to worry about schedules.

clases privadas de cocina macrobiótica

If you want to learn to cook but you cannot attend the courses we organize, you can request our service of private cooking classes.

  • The schedule is totally flexible.
  • We will reserve the space for you at the time that suits you.
  • Private cooking classes offer you many advantages:
  • You choose the time and day that suits you best.
  • They adapt to your specific needs, allowing you to solve specific problems related to food and health.
  • You will learn to cook what you really want and need.
  • With a minimum duration of 2 hours, they are developed with an agreed frequency in advance that will allow you to put into practice what you have learned.

The cooking classes are reinforced with follow-up sessions, via e-mail, which will help you answer questions at any time.

Home Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Home macrobiotics, why?… Because we understand that sometimes it is not easy to move to attend cooking courses

clases de cocina a domicilio

Surely you are interested in health, but your schedule may not allow you to have the time you need, or it may be difficult for you to travel.

If in your environment you cannot find courses that adapt to your needs, do not worry. With our home classes, you will enjoy learning about food and health in the tranquility of your home.

You don’t need to travel anymore, we move to your home to offer intensive training on healthy eating and cooking classes.

  • The training, theoretical and practical, adapts to the needs and knowledge of the interested party.
  • You can choose from the wide agenda we offer. The courses at home are totally flexible, they adapt to you and you can select the topics and recipes that interest you most.
  • We will prepare a customized training plan so that you get the most benefit in the shortest time.
  • We teach you and / or your kitchen team in your residence.
  • The training and the recipes used are adapted to the destination, its climate and its traditions.

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