3 interesting vegetables for your salads

Bored of using always the same ingredients in your salad? Today I suggest 3 varieties of vegetables that will add colour, flavour and crunchy textures to your salads … Dare to try … you’ll be surprised …


Kohlrabi might still be little known in our country, yet it is one of the most prized varieties in cold and humid European countries, since its cultivation is quite simple.

This variety of turnip, belongs to the cruciferous family and they contain phytochemicals with great anti-carcinogenic properties. It also has diuretic effects and is highly rich in fiber and beta carotene, especially the leaves, which are also rich in vitamin C.

They taste delicious, is much sweeter than turnips, and can be eaten without any seasoning, as a snack.

To consume salad, there is only that peel and grate or cut into thin squares. If you say nothing, you can be confused with apple !!

Usually good marinate for a few minutes with a pinch of salt, to facilitate digestion, which already is quite smooth.

You can also cut into matchsticks, and use it to accompany dips or spreads such as hummus or vegetable guacamole.

When you buy, select those that are not too large, about 6 cm in diameter is a good measure; you know, much smaller, more tender.

Radishes also belong to the cruciferous family, so again we find in them the benefits of these vegetables.

In addition radishes are one of the best foods to reduce fluid retention.

They are ideal for toning liver, helping to eliminate toxins and favoring the production of bile. Its consumption is always recommended that we take fritters, as it will promote the digestion of fats.

Radish, eats everything! You can use the root in salads, simply wash it well and cut into slices, it will be very decorative, adding color to your preparations.

You can also grate, in this case usually lose a little color. To prevent this, you can marinate the radishes in a few drops of umeboshi vinegar, and know better, this brief maceration process, promote digestion and keep your color.

And what do you do with the leaves? The you can also be used in salads, but it tastes quite bitter, so I saute the ground a couple of seconds in a pan with a few drops of olive oil. Add a pinch of salt or umeboshi vinegar and use as an accompaniment to my meals of cereal.


Surely you will be surprised to use cauliflower in your salads! But you will see that is worth trying.

Cauliflower is once again the same family as the above vegetables, so now you know some of their benefits. In addition, this vegetable contains powerful antioxidants and is rich in B vitamins

This vegetable is usually consumed cooked, boiled and unfortunately too much, losing much of its nutritional value.

For use in salads, simply grate it  with a grater. If you do not have one, you can cut it with a knife, cutting thin slices, you’ll see that when passing the knife flowers crumble into small grains.

Sprinkle the beans on your dishes and it will be very decorative, like ground almonds.

If you let marinate in a little shoyu, again you will improve your digestion, and also you will provide flavor to the salad.

You can prepare a delicious salad, with a base of grated and marinated cauliflower, kohlrabi few thin slices and a few leaves of arugula or lettuce, accompanied by your favorite salad dressing.

I leave a suggestion … Miso Vinaigrette

Original and delicious it will be!


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