Spring salad with Arame seaweed

With the good weather of the last weeks, you have already started to introduce salads into your meals.

Balancing them with seaweed is a good idea, especially now that there are still some cold days to come.

Algae are highly mineralizing foods that will provide extra minerals to the vitamin properties of salads.

Aramaic seaweed, with a sweet taste, is one of the best algae to start experimenting with.

Its preparation is quick, because it really does not need to be cooked, a good soak is enough to soften those fine threads it is characterized by.

Once hydrated, you could add it as is to your salads or sauteed vegetables, but if you want a plus of flavor, check out the recipe I have prepared for La finestra sul cielo and enjoy an aromatic preparation that will not leave you indifferent.


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