Apple pie and agar agar

Do you need a cake for a special occasion?

This was my daughter’s last birthday birthday cake … simple, delicately sweet and tremendously appetizing …

You can prepare it without pomegranate, but how they were in season, I decided to integrate them to make it more decorative.

If you want you can replace it with raisins or serve it only with apples … it will also be delicious …

Stuffed ingredients:

1 or 2 apples

1/2 grenade

½ liter of water

2 c.p. flush agar agar

Apple concentrate to taste

a pinch of salt

Base Ingredients:

2 cups semi-integral flour

½ cup sunflower oil or sesame

½ cup apple concentrate

A pinch of salt



Mix all the ingredients for the base well, without kneading too much, and place the dough in a removable circular pan.

Prick the dough so that it does not rise when baked.

Peel the apples and cut it into thin slices. Put them on top of the base in a circular shape.

Heat the oven to 180 º C and bake the cake until you see the base made. You will notice that it is ready when the edges begin to turn golden brown. 20 to 30 minutes.

Take it out and reserve.

While mixing ½ liter of water, enough apple concentrate to sweeten to your liking and a pinch of salt.

Put in the pan to heat and add the agar-agar. Leave to cook for 5 to 8 minutes (follow the instructions on the package).

Turn off and let it temper.

When it has cooled a little, pour over the base with the apples, decorate with the pomegranate seeds and let it cool until it sets.


Cook it with love … and take advantage of it!

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