Beetroot risotto with tofu mousse

Do you want to surprise someone? … Try this beetroot risotto with tofu mousse … you are sure to hit!


1 cup of cooked brown rice

2 large onions

1 clove garlic (sprout removed)

1 cooked beetroot

1 brick of oat cream

1 lemon


1 block of silken tofu

1.5 tbsp. of apple concentrate

2 tbsp, of umeboshi vinegar

risotto de remolacha


Chop finely the onion and the garlic and  fry in a bit of olive oil with a pinch of salt.

Cook until golden brown.

Add the beetroot cut into pieces and fry lightly.


Place the rice in the pot where you cooked the veggies, add the beetroot sauce, the cream and let it all cook together for 5 minutes. 

Turn off and reserve.

For the mousse, boil the tofu in water for 10 minutes.

Blend with the seasoning when is still hot until you get a creamy texture, add some water if needed. Set aside.

Serve the risotto in a bowl, drizzle with a big splash of lemon juice to revive the flavour of the dish. Top with a dollop of mousse and a few lamb’s lettuce or watercress.

Cook it with love … and enjoy!