Marinated tofu with sautéed vegetables

If you find tofu bland, try this recipe … It will change your mind.

Fast, easy and tasty, you’d love introducing it in your meals…


1 block of tofu

1 piece of red cabbage

6 radishes

4 to 6 fresh garlic

1 handful of raisins

Whole flour

1 tablespoon of rice syrup

1 tablespoon of shoyu

A tablespoon of water

2 spoonfulls of roasted sesame seeds

tofu salteado


Dry the tofu well, cover it with kitchen paper and put some weight on top to remove all the liquid. Leave it like this while you cut the vegetables.

Chop the red cabbage into cubes, cut the radish into slices, cut the fresh garlic into thin slices.

Remove the paper around the tofu and cut it into cubes, flour it and fry with a little olive oil. When they cubes get golden brown add the shoyu diluted with the water and move the frying pan so all the cubes get some of the liquid. Turn off and reserve.

Sauté the vegetables in a wok with a pinch of salt for 2 or 3 minutes, stirring constantly.

Add the raisins, the sesame seeds and  the rice syrup and mix well.

Add the tofu and mix gently.

Turn off and let the dish sit for a couple of minutes to integrate the flavours well.

Serve with some brown rice and blanched green leaves… and enjoy!

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