Daikon and fennel detox cream

Need a detox and don’t feel like having just a soup?

Why not try a cream prepared with depurative vegetables like daikon, celery or fennel … with a few drops of ginger juice… and a piece of seaweed to provide extra minerals?

Give it a try! you’ll be surprised!

My students prepared it yesterday at our special detox seminar after Christmas, and they loved it!

Cheer up! Eating clean can also be really tasty!


3 onions

5 branches of celery

1 fennel bulb

2 daikon or purple turnips

5 cm of wakame seaweed


Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt

1 – 2 cm of ginger


Cut the onions in julienne and sauté them in a little oil, with a pinch of salt.

Cut the rest of the vegetables in thin strips.

When the onions are golden brown, add the celery, the daikon and the fennel.

Add another pinch of salt and sauté a couple more minutes.

Incorporate the wakame seaweed, and enough water to cover the volume of the vegetables.

Bring it to boil, lower the heat and cook with a lid until the vegetables are tender. About 15 minutes.

Rectify salt if necessary and blend until you get a creamy consistency.

Grate the ginger with a ceramic grater, squeeze the juice and pour a few drops on each bowl  when serving.

Cook it with love … and happy detox!

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