Green peas risotto

A very suitable risotto for this season ….  fresh and green …. of course !!


3 cups of cooked rice

2 onions finely chopped

3 handfuls of shelled peas

1 courgette

1 bunch of watercress

1 teaspoon of umeboshi vinegar (optional)

risotto de guisantes


Start boiling peas with water.

Sauteé the onions with a pinch of salt in a pan with olive oil.

Cut the courgette into cubes.

When the peas are tender, add them to the onions with a little bit of the cooking liquid, and blend them until you get a light cream.

You may need to use some more liquid, so save some in case you need to add more. 

Add the umeboshi vinegar and set aside.

Sauteé the courgettes in a wok with a little olive oil, for a couple of minutes. They should be al dente.

Add the cooked rice and the greeen peas cream.

Taste for salt  and stir well to mix the flavors. Leave on low heat for a couple more minutes.

Serve with a handful of watercress on top.

Finish by sprinkling a few drops of shoyu with a sprayer over the watercress.

risotto de guisantesCook it with love…. and enjoy!!