Rice and tempeh croquettes

Perfect for special occasions… This rice and tempeh croquettes are really tasty…

They are also much easier to make than traditional croquettes …

You can have them prepared in advance and fry them the last minute …

You’ll really enjoy them!!


1 block of tempeh marinated  in shoyu or tamari

(It’s best to use this tempeh as it will give plenty of flavour to the croquettes)

The same amount of cooked brown rice

1-2 carrots grated very finely

Croquetas de arroz y tempeh1


Crumble the tempeh with your hands and add the cooked brown rice and grated carrot.

Mix well, kneading the ingredients to integrate them properly.

It’s not usually necessary … but if you don’t want to notice the tempeh beans or the grains of rice… you can mash them lightly with a food processor… That way children will not complain if they find a piece of tempeh!!

Moisten your hands and form croquettes squeezing the dough.

Leave them in a wide bowl with semi wholemeal flour.

Move the bowl in circles to cover the croquettes properly.

It’s not necessary to touch the croquetes again.

Once covered with flower, leaving them on a dish with a little flour on the base to prevent them from sticking to the surface.

It is better to form several croquettes at a time to avoid having to wet and dry your hands continuously.

When you want to eat them, fry them in oil and then place them on kitchen paper.

Delicious … even the day after frying!!

Don’t forget to serve them with some grated daikon or raddish!!

Croquetas de arroz y tempeh1

Cook them with love…. and enjoy them!!