The keys for a DETOX diet

When we adopt a macrobiotic diet, our body starts to detoxify slowly.

Soon, we started to notice small changes: our digestion is easier, we lose some weight and we feel much better and with more energy.

Gradually, we begin to download the excess that had accumulated in our body in the form of fat, mucus, etc …

On an emotional level, we begin to feel more stable and peaceful, more centered.

All these changes, are a result of the progressive detox process that our body is undergoing.

Doing nothing more than following a standard macrobiotic diet, your body is clean and free from toxicity, your organs begin to function better and you feel more in control.

However, sometimes we need faster results. That’s when we have to consider what types of food and cooking styles are best suited to support and accelerate the cleaning process desired.

dieta detox

Recommended Foods:

  • Cleansing vegetables such as fennel, celery, artichokes, chicory …  Have you tried laminating fennel and adding it to your salads?
  • Foods that facilitate the discharge of fat, such as turnips, radishes, daikon … combined with mushrooms that facilitate the discharge of liquid. You can cook them or have them raw, grated and marinated in a bit of shoyu, lemon, umeboshi vinegar…
  • Foods that help unload excess fluid, such as mushrooms, especially shiitake.

dieta detox

  • Round root vegetables to help stabilize glucose levels and satisfy the sweet tooth. If you stew them, you will increase their sweetness!
  • Green leafy vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, leeks, celery, borage, watercress, turnip greens, radish, leek, parsley, endive, etc. cooked al dente. Help dissolve fat in the intestine and improve the absorption and elimination. Add them also to your salads!
  • Seaweed has a detoxifying effect on our body and helps eliminate fat and toxins. They are also indicated to reduce swelling and edema. Use them when cooking beans, in your detox soups, in salads and gelatines.
  • Spices such as ginger and mustard to help mobilize mucus and fat. Have you tried adding some ginger juice to your vegetables sauté?… delicious!

dieta detox

  • Cooked fruit: steamed, stewed, will provide the sweetness you need to relax.
  • Fresh fruit helps cleaning too. Morning is the time for detox juices.
  • Do not forget sweet desserts prepared with natural sweeteners, to be taken as a snack. Agar – agar kanten is one of the best options, is filling, refreshing, and helps your bowel movement.
  • Do you want a tea? shiitake, daikon, green or barley tea are recommended. But you can also go for dandelion tea, mint, anise, fennel or chamomile.

It also helps:

  • Some gentle spice in the dishes will help mobilize: ginger juice, garlic, mustard, pepper, curry …
  • Fresh herbs stimulate opening: mint, parsley, chives, basil …
  • The sour taste stimulate your liver: citrus zest, apple concentrate, lemon juice, rice vinegar …
  • Sprouts are good to create openness that facilitates the download: alfalfa, mustard and onion sprouts are perfect.
  • Homemade pickles will help your intestinal health.

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