Warm barley and shiitake salad

Barley is one of the best grains for spring.

Its refreshing nature helps us adapt to the heat, and its ability to soften accumulations and fat helps us discharge excess.

It is the best cereal to tonify liver and gallbladder, the two organs associated with spring.

The shiitakes mushrooms, are also ideal for this season, consumed fresh or dried, they also help discharge excess and improve our immune system.

This warm barley and shiitake salad combines these two foods with chives, aromatic  herb that we can find now in our gardens… and  with umeboshi vinegar, ideal for this time of year.


1 cup of barley thoroughly washed

3 cups water

1 to 2 cloves of garlic

500 gr. of fresh shiitake

1 bunch of chives

1 tbsp of shoyu

1-2 tbsp of umeboshi vinegar

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt

Ensalada templada de cebada y shiitake


Cook the barley with water and a pinch of sea salt in a pressure cooker for 45 minutes.

Turn off and let down the pressure slowly.

Open the pressure cooker and drain excess water, if any.

Press the garlic with a flat knife and reserve while chopping the vegetables.

Cut the shiitake mushrooms into small pieces.

Chop the chives.

Mince the garlic now.

In a large skillet or wok, sautée the garlic with a little oil, as it begins to brown, add the shiitake mushrooms and sauée until golden brown.

Add the shoyu and rmix well.

Now add the barley and chives and continue to sautée for a couple of minutes.

Add the umeboshi vinegar, mix well, turn the fire off and let it sit for a few minutes before serving.

Ensalada templada de cebada y shiitake

Cook it with love… and enjoy!