Vegan restaurant in Verona

Are you looking for a Macrobiotic or Vegan restaurant in Verona?

Well, then, you are sure to enjoy Flora.

In the land of pizzas, cheese, focaccia and ham! … Yes, ham here, is also a deli … it is a real pleasure to find restaurants like this!.

Flora is not a macrobiotic restaurant, but you can surely find a selection of dishes that will suit your eating habits.

It is known as a vegan restaurant… but it is also gluten free, all products are organic … and they use only local and seasonal vegetables, which is great!!.

In fact, the menu changes frequently, as local crops do…

Restaurante vegano Verona

Dishes are original, tasty and varied.

Prapared with flavours and fragrances of the area, you can combine them to get a balanced dish to your liking.

At lunch time you will find a buffet option.

Restaurante vegano Verona

With over 20 dishes to choose from … you will find hot and cold starters, soups, grains, beans, vegetables, and dishes prepared with tofu and other vegetable proteins…

Desserts are also served al lunchtime… you might want to have a second serving of this!

For dinner …  the restaurant is transformed into a gourmet restaurant…

and offers a degustation menu that you are sure to remember …

Restaurante vegano Verona

Highly recommended…   Enjoy it!