10 foods to avoid to improve your health

Learn the 10 foods to avoid to improve your health, why they should be avoided  and how to replace them for healthier options.

It’s easy!

Try for three weeks and tell us how you feel!

1. Sugar: 

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Sugar is one of the most harmful substances for your health.

It is extremely acidifying, favouring the loss of calcium from your bones.

Its glycemic index is high, which causes glucose peaks that force the body, particularly the pancreas, to overwork.

Sugar, is easily converted to fat.

It alters your intestinal flora and causes skin irritations.

Replace it with cereal syrups, they have a much lower glycemic index and its nutrient content is much higher.



2. Artificial Sweeteners:

Many of them, such as aspartame, are associated with common symptoms such as chronic fatigue, palpitations, joint pain, memory loss, etc.

They are chemicals that overload our system…

If you have to control your blood sugar levels, stevia could be an option, but make sure that it is natural and good quality.



3. Dairy:


They are a source of saturated fat and cholesterol.

They are difficult to digest, and cause constipation due to its high casein levels.

Mucus forming, they contribute to worsening respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis…

Facilitate the formation of tumors and cysts. Epidemiological studies suggest a connection between abuse of dairy products and breast cancer.

They increase the formation of otitis and throat problems, as well as the proliferation of psoriasis and pimples.

Replace them with cereal drinks such as rice, quinoa, millet … or drinks from nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts…

If you want a healthy source of calcium, add seaweed to your food. Some have up to 14 times more calcium than milk, sesame seeds, almonds, chickpeas, tofu and green vegetables are foods rich in calcium and magnesium!



4. Meat and meat products:

They contain large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Its consumption is associated with cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

They are very acidifying, favouring the loss of calcium from bones. Meat consumption is associated with increased calcium excretion in the urine.

They tend to spoil your intestinal flora. They produce harmful bacteria, which impedes the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Replace them with vegetable proteins such as tofu, seitan or tempeh … and increase your consumption of beans combined with whole grains.



5. Trans fats:


Made with vegetable fats, they have undergone a transformation, hydrogenation, which turns them into solid fats at room temperature.

The problem is that the body no longer recognizes this substance, becoming a health hazard. Within the body, it acts like saturated fat, raising cholesterol levels and causing even worse circulatory problems than saturated fats.

Replace them with nut butters and creams like almonds, hazelnuts or sesame spreads…



6. Refined salt:

Refined salt contains only sodium and has no nutritional value.

The recommended salt is unrefined sea salt as it contains all natural components of salt: sodium chloride, iodine and magnesium plus all the trace elements.

However, it is important to remember that salt should be cooked. It should be consumed dissolved and enter our body through food.

Replace it with unrefined sea salt or vegetable salt.



7. Refined cereals:


White rice, pasta and white bread and other refined grains have lost most of their nutrients and therefore have no real nutritional value.

When grain is refined, it loses its bran, which is very rich in fibre, vitamin B and minerals. The germ, which is a great source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants, is also removed in the refining process.

What makes them even worse, is that the loss of nutrients causes a rapid absorption of the carbohydrate, favouring a rapid increase of glucose.

Refined grains are also highly acidifying.

You can replace them with whole grains. You have a lot to choose from: rice, quinoa, barley, millet, rye…



8. Sugary drinks:

One of the problems with soft drinks is that they contain high amounts of phosphoric acid, which facilitates calcium loss in the urine.

Furthermore, the amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners are usually very high, resulting in an acidification of our body.

Replace them with natural fruit juices, and cold teas.



9. Commercial sauces and canned food:


Most foods and prepared sauces need a large amount of additives, preservatives, flavouring, etc.

These chemicals are not recognized by the body and therefore cannot be metabolize, accumulating and especially burdening our liver and kidneys.

Replace them with natural sauces that you can prepare with shoyu, tamari, miso, mustard, lemon… and if you need to, use canned food without additives.



10. Coffee and teas:

Caffeine gives us a false sense of energy and is diuretic.

Coffee is related to bone decalcification.

Excessive consumption causes nervousness and irritability, speeding up the heart rate.

Furthermore, it harms our digestive system, facilitating the formation of ulcers.

Replace them with herbal teas, cereal coffee and teas low in caffeine such as bancha or kukicha tea, very alkalizing and rich in calcium.


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