Winter pressed salad

If despite the cold, you fancy a salad … better choose a pressed one.. Use seasonal vegetables, massage them with love and you’ll see how nice it tastes. Crispy, nutritious and very, very digestive … Ingredients: 1/4 red cabbage 2 carrots 1/4 chinese cabbage or green cabbage 1 purple turnip 1 handful of raisins 1/2 teaspoon …

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Deliciously sweet parsnip creamy soup

It’s snowing in Araotz … I feel like having a nourishing cream… Parsnip seems to be the best option today… Parsnip cream is ideal for cold November days. This root nourishes the energy of the lungs and large intestines. White, with large amounts of fiber and a soft contractive energy,  parsnip helps to tonify the …

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Stuffed mushrooms

Another tasty appetizer that can be prepared in advance and grilled just before serving. Stuffed mushrooms offer many variants: you can use only vegetables, choosing onions or leeks as a base … you can add some tempeh, seitan or even tofu for the filling … or add some grain such as brown rice, couscous or bulgur to make a more nutritious meal!! Ingredients: 12 …

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