Dates and sesame balls

If you are already thinking about healthy snacks for your children breaks, 

These date and sesame balls, simple and quick to prepare, will give them the energy they need.

Why not prepare them with them! They will like them even more!


3 spoonfulls of sunflower seeds

3 small spoonfulls of date cream (or 3 whole dates)

Sesame seeds


Toast the sunflower seeds in a pan without oil and let them cool down.

Toast the sesame seeds in a pan without oil and reserve.

Be careful! sesame seeds burn very fast! Make sure you have a bowl nearby to place them when they are ready.

Grind sunflower seeds together with the date paste.

bolitas de dátiles

With wet hands form the balls and leave them in a dish with the seeds.

Optimized-bolas de dátiles 2

Cover the balls with the seeds, and they are ready!!

You can also try using poppy seeds!

bolitas de dátiles

Prepare them with love…. and enjoy them!!

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