Pink cucumber gazpacho

Another simple and refreshing idea to eat cucumber … is ideal as a starter in hot days and as a refreshment to take between meals … give it a try before the season runs out!


2 cucumbers

1/4 cooked beetroot

1/2 spring onion

4 tbsp. of garlic oil (or 4 tbsp of olive oil and 1/2 clove of garlic clove)

2 tbsp of umeboshi vinegar

1 pinch of salt

gazpacho de pepino macrosano


You can prepare garlic oil by placing 2 or 3 cloves of peeled garlic in a bottle of oil for a few days. You can use any beautiful glass bottle that you have, it will look very decorative!

In some preparations, I prefer to use garlic oil so that the taste is not as strong. You will notice the aroma, but the taste in your mouth will not last all day!

Chop the onions, add a pinch of salt and knead. Let it marinate while you prepare the other vegetables.

Peel and chop the cucumber and put them in a container for blending, add the beet, the oil and the vinegar.

Rinse the onion in water and drain well. Add it to the cucumbers.

Blend everything with the mixer until you get a light texture, you can add a little water if you want to make it lighter.

Serve in small glasses and garnish with a few bits of cucumber. It is also delicious if you add a few pieces of avocado!

gazpacho de pepino macrosano

Cook it with love… and enjoy!