Sweet and Sour Vegetable Skewer

In summer you want to make meals outdoors, enjoy the hours of the sun and enjoy pleasant evenings with friends around a barbecue.

Preparing a barbecue awakens emotions of partying, joy, relaxation and fun. What do you think if you enjoy it with a vegan option?

Children will enjoy skewering vegetables on sticks, and while you can prepare the dressing.

To make the placement of vegetables easier, soak the chopsticks if you can a couple of hours, the moisture will make the Vegetables slide better, and when you eat them, it will be easier to remove them from the skewer.

You will see that the dressing is delicious. You can double the amount and also use it for salads. If you store it in a glass bottle, it will last a couple of days in the fridge.

The vegetables I have selected are now in season, but you can choose others that you have on hand or are more typical of your area. You already know the saying: “Variety is the taste”

Here is the link to the recipe that I have prepared for La finestra sul cielo.

Enjoy it!

Keep enjoying the summer!