Tagliattele alla vegan carbonara

Delicious vegan dish of tagliatelle alla carbonara with tempeh and lots of chives …

A tasty source of carbohydrates and protein for a very green spring… !!


6 nests of brown tagliatelle

Smoked tempeh about 200 gr.

1 large leek

4 pieces of dried tomatoes (optional)

Herbs of Provence

1/2 a carton of soy cream

Chives for garnish

 tagliatelle con carbonara vegana


Cook the tagliatelle in boiling salty water as indicated on package.

Meanwhile cut the leek into medium pieces and crumble with your hands the block of tempeh.

If you use tomato, cut it in small pieces with the scissors and cook for 5 minutes with a glass of water.

Blend the tomatoes and the water with a blender until you get a thick tomato paste.

Sauté the leek in a pan with a little oil and a pinch of salt for 2 minutes.

Add the tempeh and herbs. 

Add the tomato paste and the soy cream and mix, allow to heat for 2 minutes more to mix well the flavours.

Meanwhile, drain the pasta.

To serve, arrange some tagliatelle in a dish, placed some carbonara on top and add the minced chives for garnish.

 tagliatelle con carbonara vegana

Eat it with a green salad full of arugula and sprouts, for a full meal!

Cook them with love …. and you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Tagliattele alla vegan carbonara”

  1. Patricia Cudsko

    Me gustaria saber que es un “brick of soy cream” que utilizas en esta receta. Yo vivo en los estados unidos y nunca lo he visto aqui. Te refieres al tofu?
    Gracias. Saludos, Patricia

  2. Hola Patricia, me doy cuenta de que es una mala traducción… Sorry!!!! en castellano decimos tetra brick para hacer referencia a “a carton”, los típicos envases para leches, zumos, o natas….
    En este caso hago referencia a 1/2 envase de nata de soja…. lo cambio por “1/2 a carton of soy cream” que se entiende mejor, verdad?
    Muchas gracias!!

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