Vegan sugar free polenta custard

In summer, it is great to enjoy refreshing desserts, and polenta custard is ideal to fight the heat.

Polenta is very handy for summer, it is slightly refreshing and you can cook it in just 5 minutes.

In you can, pick up some fresh berries to decorate the custard and you will have a really attractive dessert, which you can prepare in just a few minutes.


1 cup of fine polenta

10 to 12 cups of rice drink

Vanilla pod about 3 to 4 cm

A pinch of salt

Natillas de polenta (3)


Open the vanilla pod with the help of a sharp knife.

With the same knife, scrape the inside to separate all the seeds from the pod.

Place the seeds and the pod in a casserole along with the polenta and the rice drink.

I usually use 12 cups of drink, because I like the custard light, but if you like it thickish add only 10 cups.

As for the size of the cup, I use the smallest expresso type. With that size, I get 4 bowls of custard.

Regardless of the size of cup you use, the important thing is to keep the proportion of ingredients.

Add a pinch of salt to the casserole and place it on the fire with a lid.

Use the smallest fire you have and if you can, use a diffuser. That way, the polenta will take longer to thicken and you can infuse the vanilla well.

Cook it for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

The polenta could be prepared in just 5 minutes. The reason we leave it more time this time, is so that the custard picks up the flavour of the vanilla.

After 30 minutes turn off and taste. For me it is usually sweet enough, since rice drinks are naturally sweet, but if you like it sweeter, add a little bit of your favorite natural sweetener.

Grind the custard with a blender, to mash any lump that may remain. And if you want it to be even finer, pass it through a strainer, that way you will eliminate any remaining polenta grain.

Serve the custard in individual bowls and decorate with a mint leaf and some seasonal forest fruits.

Let it cool down before serving.

Cook it with love… and enjoy!

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