Toasted flavoury seeds

Seeds are one of the most nutritious and medicinal foods you can incorporate into your daily diet.

Helen Jeans in his book Grains, nuts and seeds, described them as “miniature treasures” because despite its small size they bring a lot of essential nutrients for our health.

Their nutritional value is so interesting, that we don’t need to take large quantities to benefit from them. 2 to 3 tablespoons daily will be enough.

The seeds, in general terms, contain between 20 and 25% of protein, 40 – 50% of unsaturated fat (the good one!), and 10 – 20%of  carbohydrates, plus minerals and trace elements.

If you get used to consuming different types, you will create variety and add extra flavour to your dishes.

semillas tostadas

If you consume seeds daily, you will find that it is interesting have them ready to save time.

Ideally, you should roast the seeds before eating them. On one hand, we enhance its flavour, which becomes more intense, especially the sesame seeds. And secondly, we will facilitate their digestion.

But be careful, seeds are basically oil and toasted oil spoils quickly, so when calculating how many  seeds to toast, use the amount that you are going to consume in a week.

I imagine, that maybe you’re thinking … Phew!!! and I also have to roast the seeds!!!… Before you give up, try to do it in a conscious way and see how much you enjoy the process.

If you do it with consciousness, being aware that  you’re preparing something very simple but really rewarding for you … you’ll surely enjoy the moment.

Toasting sesame seeds:

I usually start by sesame. Previously, I wash them so they are clean of impurities. I prefer to let them dry before roasting, so I usually wash them the night before and leave them to dry in a large colander.

I like using a deep pot, because after sesame I toast flax seeds, and they jump a lot!!.

The roasting is done without oil on a medium to low flame. It is very important to constantly remove them so that they all receive the same heat and toast evenly.

It is very important too, to have a dish prepared to place them when they are ready. Since, once ready, it will just take a few seconds to burn !!.

We know that sesame seeds are roasted, when they begin to release their characteristic aroma. To make sure, you can take a few seeds between your index finger and thumb and slide your fingers to crush them. If they crush easily, they are ready.

Leave them on a plate to cool down, and store them in a glass jar.

I prefer to store them whole and crush on Suribachi as I need them. They will keep longer !!.

Toasted flax seed with teriyaki sauce:

semillas de lino tostadas

When toasting flax seed, you will notice that they are ready because they will start popping. You might need a lid. If you use one, do not stop moving the pan to make sure they all get done evenly.

In 2 or 3 minutes they will be ready. Add a spoonful of teriyaki sauce. And stir well to get them all covered.

If you don’t have teriyaki sauce, you can prepare a basic one mixing in a bowl, 1 teaspoon of shoyu, 1 teaspoon of concentrated apple juice and 2 teaspoons of water.

Turn off the flame and leave them on a plate to cool down.

Store in a glass jar and mash slightly before serving.

Sunflower seeds with shoyu:

Use a pot without oil again. With these seeds you know they are ready when they begin to brown. Sunflower seeds do not jump, nor pop, so you have to pay attention.

To create more variety and make them more tasty, sprinkle with a bit of shoyu just before turning the heat off.

Stir well to make sure they all get covered with the shoyu.

Set aside to cool and store in the glass jar for the whole week.

Pumpkin seeds with umeboshi vinegar:

semillas tostadas

You will need a clean pan now.

With pumpkin seeds is easy to know when they are ready, they begin to open up smoothly.

As with the rest, do not stop removing the toast them evenly.

When ready, sprinkle with a few drops of umeboshi vinegar.

The vinegar, when dry, will give a slightly white colour to the seed, and a delicious salty taste.

As you see, the process is simple. And it will not take you more than 15 minutes a week.

 A quarter of an hour…….. to enjoy……… being present  !!