Rice with grape leaves “Dolmas”

Did you know that vine leaves are anti-inflammatory and help blood circulation?

The dolmas, a plate of Greek origin, whose preparation is widespread in Mediterranean countries, is prepared with vine leaves stuffed with rice and other ingredients.

Our version, vegan, of course, will bring the aromas of south europe!


Cooked rice (see the spring rice recipe here)

Tofu (optional)

10 grape leaves

For the sauce:

2 spoonfuls of tomato sauce or false tomato sauce

2 tea spoons of Mugi miso

1 cup of water

arroz con hojas de parra (6)


For the filling you can use the recipe for the spring rice or any rice recipe you like, but freshness is important here.

If you are using fresh or smoked tofu, grate it and sauté with a bit of oil in a saucepan, add the rice, mix well, and let it cool down a bit.

For the leaves, introduce them in hot water and leave there for 5 minutes. Take them out and let them dry thoroughly.

To fill each leaf, place 1-2 spoonfuls rice in the center, fold the sides inwards and then roll up.

Place the leaves in a wide pan with the closure part down.

arroz con hojas de parra (6)

When all the leaves are placed add the sauce ingredients.

First dilute the miso in a little hot water and then mix with the tomato sauce and the cup of water. Mix well and pour over the leaves.

Bring the sauce gently to the boil, cover, lower the flame and let simmer about 15 minutes.

Turn the fire off and it will be ready to serve.

You can enjoy them cold or hot, sprinkled with sesame seeds and the green part of some fresh spring onions.

arroz con hojas de parra (6)

Cook them with love…. and enjoy!